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An online club for getting on with things

Tinwood Allotment Gardeners Association (TAGA) is an online club to help you get started and keep going with any project you choose to work on. Little pixel plants will grow if you're getting on with things; weeds will grow if you're not.


If you choose, your online allotment can be seen by other TAGA members, and you can see theirs; this gives accountability to your projects, encouraging you to stick to your schedule - and whenever you visit the site you are helping other members to stick to theirs.


Or if you prefer you can keep your plot private - I will send you the updated images by email or Facebook message. You will still have a visual record of your progress and the moral support and encouragement of TAGA members

to help you stay focussed on your chosen tasks.

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If there's anything you want to ask,

please email me or leave a

comment below.