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TAGA is an online club to make getting on with things easier and more fun. Here you can work on any projects you want, in the company of other members, using an online allotment to show how you are doing.

How does it help?

A different group with different expectations

You may not want your real-life friends and family to know that you are trying to lose weight, write a novel, or get on top of the housework... and that can make it difficult to get started. Here you can share your struggles and aspirations with like-minded others without feeling awkward.


By sowing seeds in your TAGA plot, you are making a commitment to work on your projects - to other members as well as to yourself. Making a commitment to others is known to be key in achieving tasks you are reluctant to do.


While we don't have to know what your projects are - you can just call them Tasks 1, 2 and 3 if you want to - TAGA members will be able to tell whether you are doing them or not, from the appearance of your plot. Knowing that someone is keeping an eye on you - having that little nudge of guilt or just feeling that what you do matters to someone else - is another key aspect in overcoming procrastination.

Frequent, small deadlines

Like a real allotment, you need to work on your TAGA projects little and often. You will be asked to report on your progress regularly to update your plot. So you will have to break bigger projects down into manageable chunks and establish a steady pace, instead of the typical procrastinator's all-or-nothing workflow.