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1. Reserve now to TRY IT FOR FREE

You can set up and work your Microplot for three updates to see if you find it helpful. Then choose to pay for it (£10) or give it up without obligation.

Starting and working your Microplot


4. Choose which plants to grow

There are 25 plants available now, and more will be added regularly. Don't worry too much about which plants to sow though, as you can change them when you update your plot without losing your progress. Please feel free to be as vague or as specific about your planting scheme as you like; you can use the numbers in the grid above to tell me what you want in each individual space if you want to.

2. Think of some tasks or projects

you want to work on

A minimum of one, up to a maximum of six. Think about how often you want to work on these things - don't put tasks that only need doing once a week into a plot that you will be updating daily (see below).

3. Decide how often you want

to update your plot

Your Microplot can be updated 12 times. Each task needs to be done 10 times to bring its plants to maturity, so if you manage to do every task every time, you will only need 10 updates - I'm giving you a couple of spare ones just in case.

You can choose how frequent you want the updates to be: daily for 10-12 days; every three days for 30-36 days, or weekly for 10-12 weeks.

5. Send me updates when they are due

Let me know by email (or Facebook pm if you prefer) whether you've done your tasks, and I'll update your plot to reflect your progress. But be warned: no update = weeds!

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